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Cold, Flu, Bronchial and Sinus Infections!

Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, however Dr. William Schaffner, medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases says, people already are landing in the hospital with severe cases of influenza, about a month ahead of when flu season usually begins.

Congestion, sore throat, and sneezing are common with colds. Both cold and flu bring coughing, headache, and chest discomfort. Sinus infections are also more prevalent this time of year. With the flu or bacterial infection, you are likely to run a high fever for several days and have body aches, fatigue, and weakness. 

Flu shots, hand washing and/or sanitizing and chicken soup are methods most people use to avoid getting sick from a cold and/or flu. According to Dr. Schaffner, “We try to anticipate what the most common circulating strains will be nine months ahead of the season. That’s when you decide which strains to incorporate in the vaccine. We’re pretty good at hitting the target. But there’s some years when we’re off target, and that reduces the effectiveness of the vaccine.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated, “Interim numbers say last year the shot fell far short of the mark, providing about 35% effectiveness against circulating influenza A strains. They also said overall last year the vaccine was only about 16 percent effective at reducing a person’s chance of getting a mild or moderate infection. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to improve your immune system to increase the effectiveness of vaccination.

A 2017 study published by the National Institute of Health (NIH) showed participants who took probiotics or prebiotics are effective in elevating immunogenicity and showed significant improvements in the H1N1 Flu strain seroprotection rate. The research stated, “Therefore, a simultaneous supply of prebiotics and probiotics might be an effective method of enhancing immune reactions to an influenza vaccine.”

A 2018 study published in the European Journal of Public Health showed consuming probiotics regularly reduces the need for antibiotics. The scientists concluded that infants and children who took a daily probiotic supplement were 29% less likely to be prescribed an antibiotic. When repeated using only the highest quality studies they were 53% less likely to be prescribed an antibiotic.

Another study from Stanford University Medical Center finds the depletion of gut bacteria by antibiotics appears to leave the immune system less able to respond to new challenges, such as exposure to previously unencountered germs or vaccines.

Dr. Bali Pulendran, Ph.D., professor of pathology and of microbiology and immunology at the Stanford University School of Medicine said, “The findings imply that when next season’s flu strain comes along, you want your gut-resident microbes to be in full bloom in order for your immune system to rise to the occasion.”

These are some of the most effective proven supplements to get your body ready!

Ohhira’s Probiotic Formulas (Essential Formulas) Other products that claim billions of freeze-dried non-native bacteria is better, Dr. Ohhira’s understands that more is not better! Unlike most other probiotic products, Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics are not cultured or grown in a laboratory. Ingredients such as mountain spring water, fruits and vegetables – are fermented for three years with 12 distinctive probiotic strains. This rich culture medium (PRE-BIOTICS) is then encapsulated along with the Probiotics that have grown together over the three-year period and the resulting nutrients from this fermentation process (POST-BIOTICS), thus delivering viable probiotics and encouraging your body’s innate ability to grow its own friendly bacteria. Contains Proprietary TH 10 – Dr. Ohhira developed his own proprietary lactic acid bacteria strain that is six times stronger than any other strains known to bacteriologists today.

Beta glucan is a very potent biological response modifier that nutritionally activates the immune response through the Macrophage immune cells to yield various therapeutic effects and is safe for all ages. In its most effective form, Beta glucan is extracted from the yeast cell wall of Baker’s yeast. Studies have shown that beta glucans act as immune-modulator agents, meaning they trigger a cascade of events that help regulate the immune system, making it more efficient. Specifically, beta glucans stimulate the activity of macrophages, which are versatile immune cells that ingest and demolish invading germs and signal other immune cells to attack. Macrophages also release cytokines, chemicals that when secreted enable the immune cells to communicate with one another. In addition, beta glucans stimulate lethal white blood cells that bind to tumors or viruses, and release chemicals to destroy it.

Kyolic Immune Formula 103 (Kyolic) Animal and test-tube studies indicate that garlic enhances immune system response by stimulating protective immune cells, which may safeguard against viral infections. This combination of vitamins, mushrooms and herbs helps to support healthy immune function.* Aged Garlic Extract [220 mg]; Premium Mushroom Complex [75 mg]; Vitamin C [52.5 mg]; Astragalus Extract [50 mg]; Oregano Extract [50 mg]; Olive Leaf Extract [40 mg] (per capsule).

Vira-Stop (Woodstock Herbals) A blend of herbs to support healthy immune function and provide nutritional support to combat viral infections. This comprehensive herbal blend contains: Organic St. John’s Wort Aerial Parts, Organic Astragalus Root, Organic Elderberry, Garlic Bulb, Organic Hyssop Aerial Parts, Organic Lemon Balm Leaf, Organic Licorice Root, LomatiumRoot, Organic Olive Leaf, Organic Sweet Annie Aerial Parts, Thuja Leaf/Stem, Organic Echinacea Purpurea Root, Organic Echinacea Augustifolia Root, Organic Echinacea PurpurpeaFlower, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Certified Organic Alcohol (to intensify and preserve the extract)

Colloidal Silver 10ppm is made from pure water and silver, using electrolysis. It is microscopic-sized solid silver particles suspended in the water. The microscopic silver particles can more easily penetrate and travel throughout the body. Colloidal Silver works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one celled viruses, bacteria and fungi use for their oxygen metabolism. The presence of Colloidal Silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single celled pathogen, disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its chemical lung, so to say. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies and is cleared out of the body by the immune system. Colloidal Silver is of no harm to any part of the human body chemistry. 

It can be taken internally or used externally as a disinfectant and beneficial for 2-3 hours. Safe for all ages and does not interfere with any medications. Put a teaspoon in drinking water of everyone including your pets. Since viral infections often begin in the nose also use a colloidal silver nasal spray 2x day to prevent germs breathed in through the nose to spread to the sinuses, ears, throat and bronchial airways.

Xlear Sinus Spray (XLEAR) is the patented, natural saline spray containing xylitol—an ingredient which cleanses and moisturizes. Normal saline nasal sprays can dry out the nasal passage, actually leaving it more irritated and susceptible to external contaminants. But with the addition of xylitol, Xlear Saline Nasal Spray with xylitol will moisturize and soothe your sinus and nasal passages. Xylitol also has cleansing benefits; it almost acts like soap for your nose. The industry-leading formula alleviates congestion and also prevents bacteria and other pollutants from sticking to nasal tissues. Best of all it is safe for any age!

Anti-V with Echinamide (Natural Factors) capsules contains immune boosting and potent anti-viral herbs to help your immune system fight off viruses. Herbs include triple standardized Echinacea purpurea, Lomatium dissectum, Astragalus membranaceus, Reishi mushroom, and licorice.

Esberitox (chewable) ( Natures Way) Echinacea supports your immune system defenses by fortifying your most critical cells with natural fighting power. Esberitox® has been the top-selling remedy in Europe for over 70 years and can be used by your entire family. Only Esberitox®combines two types of Echinacea with two additional immune-supporting herbs, baptisia and thuja.* This gives Esberitox® a broader spectrum of activity than Echinacea alone.* The powerful combination promotes the body’s resistive functions by stimulating the production and activity of critical immune cells.* Safe for Children and Adults use as directed on label..

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