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Over 40 years experience in Natural Medicine

Company History

Dr. Wim Jansen, N.D.: A Pioneer in Holistic Medicine with a Lifetime of Service and Innovation

The Origin Story

Born amidst the turmoil of World War II in the Netherlands, Dr. Jansen witnessed the devastating impact of the war on the lives of his family, friends, and neighbors. These early experiences drove home a realization: for people to be truly happy, they needed to be healthy, both mentally and physically.

An Unconventional Path to Medicine

Initially following his father’s wishes to pursue a military career, Dr. Jansen served two years in the Dutch military as part of NATO. However, the pull towards the healing arts was irresistible. Subsequently, he enrolled at Geert Groote College, later progressing to the University of Utrecht Medical School. There, he studied under the esteemed Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg and produced a globally recognized doctoral dissertation on the function of the pancreas.

Academic and Clinical Milestones

Unsatisfied with the ethical compromises in mainstream cancer research, Dr. Jansen shifted his focus to Natural Medicine, earning his credentials at the Ontario School of Naturopathy in Canada. His contributions to medicine are diverse and pioneering, from his work on the Framingham Heart Study to his innovations in cholesterol testing and Nuclear Medicine.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Over the years, Dr. Jansen has explored various forms of Holistic Medicine including Native American Shamanism, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Nutritional Therapy, and Holistic Psychology. He has also developed groundbreaking techniques like Muscle Response Testing and Intensive Energy Therapy (I.E.T.), pushing the boundaries of what is possible in natural healing.

Educational Contributions

Committed to the dissemination of holistic health education, Dr. Jansen has been pivotal in shaping courses and training programs, including the first credited course in Holistic Medicine at Seekonk High School, Massachusetts. He has also been a prominent voice at events like the Annual Meeting of the Diabetes Foundation of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Mental Health Association.

Continuing Legacy

Although retired from active practice, Dr. Jansen continues to innovate in the field of Immune System Therapy and remains an active researcher. His insights and methods are shared with colleagues, patients, and audiences, solidifying his reputation as a leader in Holistic Medicine.

What Patients Say

Our long-standing patients sum it up best: “We have been going to Dr. Jansen and associates for years, because they are the best, and when it comes to our health, we want only the best!”

Dr. Wim Jansen’s lifelong mission has been to facilitate holistic well-being and rapid healing. With over four decades of multifaceted experience, his innovative approaches and educational initiatives continue to shape the future of holistic healthcare. Welcome to the world of Dr. Wim Jansen, where holistic medicine is not just a treatment, but a way of life.

Jane Jansen N.P.

Holistic / Natural Practitioner Tree of Life Wellness Center, Inc.

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A comprehensive approach utilizing the best natural techniques to enhance the effectiveness of Conventional Cancer Treatments including Chemotherapy &/ or Radiation Therapy safely without interactions.