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Naturopathic Practitioner

Jane Jansen

Holistic / Natural Practitioner Tree of Life Wellness Center, Inc.
Bedford Community College
Massachusetts Academy of Natural Healing
Registered Radiology Technologist
Ultrasound Technologist
Non-Invasive Cardiology Technologist

Meet Jane Jansen: Your Trusted Naturopathic Practitioner at Tree of Life Wellness Center

Welcome to the page for Jane Jansen, an esteemed Naturopathic Practitioner with a rich background in holistic and natural healing methodologies. A cornerstone of Tree of Life Wellness Center, Inc., Jane’s credentials extend far beyond the scope of typical practitioners. Her diverse educational background includes stints at Bedford Community College and the Massachusetts Academy of Natural Healing. Furthermore, she brings to the table a depth of technical expertise as a Registered Radiology Technologist, Ultrasound Technologist, and Non-Invasive Cardiology Technologist.

A Multi-Faceted Expert

Jane’s expertise doesn’t just stop at naturopathy. Her holistic apprenticeship with Dr. Wim Jansen, N.D., has molded her into a Certified Clinical Holistic Specialist, making her a well-rounded healthcare provider.

Association and Accreditations

  • Member NNFA: An active participant in the realm of natural healing.
  • Source Member U-Mass Dartmouth: Contributing to the academic discourse.
  • Member Rhode Island Holistic Health Association: Strengthening local healthcare communities.

An Educator and Speaker

Jane is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise. As an educator, she has taught holistic studies at Seekonk High School and the Massachusetts Academy of Natural Healing. Her voice echoes beyond the classroom, as she has been a:

  • Guest Panelist for the Rhode Island Diabetes Association
  • Guest Lecturer at Roger Williams University, Enstar, and Laurel Meade
  • Guest Speaker for the Rhode Island Mental Health Association

Media Appearances

Her influence extends to the airwaves and television screens as well, as the host of the popular radio talk show “HOLISTIC HEALTHLINE,” and as a former Television Talk Show Host on RI Soap Box.

Whether you’re new to the world of holistic health or seeking advanced treatments and insights, Jane Jansen offers a comprehensive and empathetic approach to wellness. Get in touch today to discover how Jane can be an integral part of your journey toward better health and well-being. Welcome to holistic healthcare redefined. Welcome to the expertise of Jane Jansen.