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Over 40 years experience in Natural Medicine

Company History

Dr. Wim Jansen, N.D. founder of the Tree of Life Wellness Center, was born during an air raid in World War II, in the Netherlands.  At three years old he was a member of the underground delivering messages and supplies to those being smuggled out of the country.  After witnessing death and destruction, for family, friends, and neighbors, Wim knew at a young age he wanted to ease their suffering.  As he matured he realized in order for people to be truly happy they needed to be healthy, both mentally and physically.

His father wanted him to pursue a career in the military, but after a two year service in the Dutch military as part of NATO, Wim was drawn to the healing art of  medicine.  He then began his studies at Geert Groote College.  Upon graduation he went on to the University of Utrecht Medical School, studying Allopathic and Natural Medicine; including homeopathy under the great Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg.  Dr. Jansen s doctoral   dissertation dealt with the  function of the pancreas and was read worldwide.  This lead to Dr. Nathan Kaplan, the chairman of the department of biochemistry at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, to offer him a research and teaching position in enzymology.  After three years of cancer research, Dr. Jansen found much to his dismay, the goal of most research was not to find a  real solution to cancer, but to obtain results that would please the sponsors or the research grants, which were usually drug companies.  Morally he could not continue with that type of biased medical research. He decided to leave Allopathic medicine and focused his studies on Natural medicine at the Ontario School of Naturopathy, in Kitchener, Canada.

Returning to New England, in order to support himself while trying to set up a practice, Dr. Jansen became part of the research team for the Framingham Heart Study at Framingham Union Hospital.  There he developed methods to measure the levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol, as well as their new Nuclear Medicine department. He became a full member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine for Physicians.

Meanwhile he continued seeking out the many different healing forms of Holistic Medicine, such as Native American Shamans, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Nutritional Therapy, and Holistic Psychology, as well as keeping up his skills in homeopathy by attending seminars presented by  Biological Homeopathic Industries/HEEL. 

After seeing kinesiology and contact reflex analysis, Dr. Jansen developed MUSCLE RESPONSE TESTING, which is documented in the Anti-Aging Manual by Joseph B. Marion.  Recently he has developed I.E.T. (Intensive Energy Therapy) highly focused energy therapy sessions for rapid immune system stabilization.

In 1979 he founded the oldest official Natural/Holistic treatment center in New England, Tree of Life Wellness Center. In 1985 he began his popular live holistic radio talk show and is currently featured on Holistic Healthline Radio on numerous radio stations and online with co-host Practitioners Jane Jansen and Peter Morrell. Dr. Jansen began teaching his style of Natural Medicine to select students dedicated to Holistic Health in 1991. Jane Jansen and Peter Morrell completed their Holistic studies and internships as Holistic Practitioners under his guidance.

Dr. Jansen is the first in the United States to bring a credited, two semester course at Seekonk High School, in Massachusetts, Careers in Holistic Medicine, with Jane Jansen and Peter Morrell as the primary teachers. He hopes this type of class will be offered someday in every High School around the country. In 1999 he was a featured panelist at the Annual meeting of the Diabetes Foundation of Rhode Island, and in 2003 was a featured guest of the Rhode Island Mental Health Association.

Although retired from practice, Dr. Jansen is developing new methods for Immune System Therapy to promote a more rapid healing response, particularly for the most critical illness in which time is of the essence.

Today Dr. Jansen continues his research for knowledge to perfect his skills and understanding of healing arts, which he shares with his colleagues, patients, and audiences. 

Dr. Jansen has always been the leader in Holistic Medicine, patients remark, “We have been going to Dr. Jansen and associates for years, because they are the best, and when it comes to our health, we want only the best!”

Jane Jansen N.P.

Holistic / Natural Practitioner Tree of Life Wellness Center, Inc.

Peter Morrell

Holistic / Natural Practitioner Tree of Life Wellness Center, Inc.


Holistic Appointments

A comprehensive approach utilizing the best natural techniques to enhance the effectiveness of Conventional Cancer Treatments including Chemotherapy &/ or Radiation Therapy safely without interactions.